Sveriges Kommuner och Landsting: Myter och fakta om arbetsgivaren

Myt: Kvinnorna i kommuner och landsting tjänar dåligt jämfört med männen.

Fakta: Anställda i kommuner och landsting har de mest jämställda lönerna på svensk arbetsmarknad.

Med hänsyn tagen till ålder och yrkeskategori är kvinnors löner i kommunerna 99,6 procent av männens.

I landstingen tjänar kvinnorna 95,2 procent av vad männen tjänar.

Det är högre än i både statlig och privat sektor.

Källa: Medlingsinstitutet

Daily Mail: Men are the best bosses: Women at the top are just too moody (and it's women themselves who say so)

They are hormonal, incapable of leaving their personal lives at home and only too happy to talk about their staff behind their backs.

Female bosses are a nightmare to work for, a survey of employees concludes.

And it is not just men who think so.

Two-thirds of women said they preferred a male boss because their straight-talking, ‘get to the point’ attitude makes them easier to deal with.

They are also much less likely to have a hidden agenda, suffer mood swings or get involved in office politics, workers said.

CBS: Women's Choices, Not Discrimination, to Blame for Mediocre Progress

Math, engineering and science-related professions remain male-dominated fields, and the assumption has long been that gender discrimination plays a role. But a new study by Stephen J. Ceci and Wendy M. Williams, both professors at Cornell University, reviews 20 years of research on the dearth of women in academia in these math-intensive disciplines, and finds that overt discrimination against women is a thing of the past.


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